• The Sales Conundrum Facing Founders of Small Professional Service Firms

    The typically intuitive approach of hiring a salesperson to scale up your business rarely works. Plus, wasting time hiring and firing salespeople is the worst thing you can be doing for your business since it’s incredibly costly both in terms of time and money.


    THE MAIN POINT — Founder Sellers who are supported with one-on-one coaching, a Sales Ready Organization, and daily selling support are the easiest, fastest, and highest ROI way to add an additional $500,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue to their business in the next 6 months.

    "Coaching with Christopher has given me the freedom, time, and energy to get more done in a more balanced way. He provided a tremendous amount of value, and the shifts I've experienced in my mental game, my business, and even my life have been significant."


    -Justin Belleme, Founder, JB Media Group

    "Christopher helped us level set in a crisis and gave me the foundation to do business development really well. He delivered at an exemplary level, resulting in tremendous growth for the agency and myself."

    -Bill Harper, CEO, wmHarper


    Are you ready to add an additional $500,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue to your business every 6 months?

  • AN IMPORTANT INSIGHT — As a Founder, your primary goal is to increase the value of your business and see it succeed. You ultimately want to create a meaningful life, achieve your highest purpose, and realize the desires in your heart. We've talked with dozens of Founders about sales, salespeople, and their time. Here is what they told us.


    Across the board, the goal for Founders is growth! On average, Founders want yearly revenue growth of 74%:


    Current Revenue Statistics
    Average revenue: $1,314,285
    Desired revenue: $2,282,857
    Desired annual revenue increase: 74%


    This can be a real struggle when revenue is erratic and your business is having trouble attracting new clients consistently and profitably.


    KEY POINT — Founders struggle with sales. You are having weeks or even months go by without making a sale. You are doing nearly all the sales yourself and are maxed out from carrying the entire business on your shoulders without support.


    Many small professional services firms are underperforming their potential and aren’t hitting their revenue targets:


    Performance Statistics
    33% of small professional services firms are doing well
    33% are struggling
    33% are going under


    Revenue per employee at many professional services firms is abysmal, creating low-margin businesses that struggle to survive.


    Current Employee Statistics
    Average number of employees: 14
    Average revenue per employee: $93,877


    The industry benchmark for a thriving firm is $200-400k/employee.


    This underperformance can’t be blamed on lack of time or lack of experience, as the founders we talked with aren’t start-ups or first-timers.


    Business Demographics
    Average age of business: 8 years
    Percentage not first business: 75%
    Industries: Marketing & Advertising, Consulting, and Coaching


    You’ve likely been trying to solve this for some time, either with better salespeople or more leads. Or simply trying harder. Unfortunately, none of it has worked. And it won’t work. What we’ve found is that those approaches almost always lead to below-average results.


    The typical approach to growth is to hire a salesperson — literally every Founder tries this. Most Founders try this multiple times… and yet it almost never works — leading to years of frustration, wasted time, and untapped potential.


    Sales Team Statistics
    Businesses that have hired salespeople: 100%
    Fired salespeople: 78%
    Average number of salespeople fired per firm: 3.25


    Hiring and firing salespeople is the terrible consequence of having the wrong strategy and approach. And it’s unproductive and incredibly expensive.


    On average, an underperforming sales hire costs $381,883.


    As a Founder, you are wasting your time trying to build and support a sales team that can consistently and profitably make sales. You lack the time, clarity, and structure to do what’s required.


    “Your mission is too important to waste your time building a low-value business that struggles with sales.”


    The Sales Conundrum is that you want to scale your business and increase revenue, but salespeople don’t work out, and you either don’t have the time to do sales or don’t like doing it.


    So what is an aspiring Founder supposed to do?


    Simply stated, to achieve your goals and aspirations, you and your business must master the skill of profitably making sales and helping your clients. That’s the path to exceptional growth. For your business to make sales, it needs to consistently create conversations and have sales conversations that result in new clients.


    Here’s what you need to know:


    Building and supporting a business that makes sales requires clarity on what to do and a structured way to do it. Businesses that are successful with sales have a rock-solid foundation of people and systems that are Sales Ready. If any part of that foundation is missing, incomplete, or broken, your business is going to waste time struggling with sales. The key is getting the right foundation in place and operating well. Sales Ready people and Sales Ready systems form the foundation of a Sales Ready Organization or SRO. The SRO Framework provides the required clarity and structure for building a business that makes sales consistently and profitably.

    KEY POINT — The path forward, out of the Sales Conundrum, involves a sales team made up of a Founder Seller supported with one-on-one coaching, a Sales Ready Organization, and daily selling support to quickly add revenue and grow the business. This creates a Force Multiplier to maximize what’s working and helps you create results in the shortest amount of time.


    🔥 12x sales growth
    🔥 Increased inside sales by 1064%
    🔥 Outside sales growth of 68%
    🔥 Deal flow increased by 500%
    🔥 Profitability improved by 67%
    💵 Dozens of new clients
    💵 300% ROI
    💵 5-figure sales within a month of working together
    💵 153 new sales
    💵 Fortune 100 clients
    💵 500% more clients
    💵 Sales on the first day of working together!



    "Working with Christopher helped me unlock some things that had been holding me back from more growth and more sales as an agency founder. When I hired him to build our Sales Ready Organization, I thought I needed the "crunchy stuff"... the CRM Automations, workflow mapping, systems... and I got those, but the real value was him pinpointing my stopping strategies, my blind spots, so I could grow and level up my sales skills as a founder."


    -Austin Helton, Founder & CEO, Tally and Mass


    "I absolutely trust Christopher Filipiak with our clients and prospects. His knowledge about sales strategy has opened several large accounts for us!"

    -Chase Highley, CEO, Greenstone Media


    “Christopher brought valuable strategic partners and innovative ideas to our business. His unique approach of ‘connecting’ complementary people, businesses, and ideas together makes a lot of sense in a saturated and increasingly disconnected marketplace.”


    -Murphy Capps, CEO, Kudzu Brands


    "You changed my life and my business. Thank you!"

    -Chris Brewer, Co-Founder & CRO, OMG Commerce


    Solving The Sales Conundrum Facing Founders of Small Professional Service Firms

    This offer is for a Founder who wants to add $500,000 to $1,000,000 in revenue every 6 months while building a rock-solid foundation for a business that makes sales consistently and profitably.




    We have an extremely dialed-in process. Having built dozens of sales operations at professional services firms and having helped clients close millions in new revenue, we have a formula to ensure success with Founder Sellers.


    Building your Sales Ready Organization starts with the SRO Assessment & Roadmap.


    We’ll look at every aspect of your current sales organization, so you understand exactly what’s working, what’s missing, and what needs improvement. You’ll have a kick-ass SRO Roadmap with a clear path to build your SRO and create more of what you want.


    And at the end, you’ll know exactly what to do… and have a structured way to do it.


    Plus, we’ll set up the SRO project and provide you with all the SRO frameworks, guides, scripts, and templates so your company is Sales Ready faster.


    Following the SRO Roadmap, we’ll start building your SRO with a rock-solid foundation of people and systems that are Sales Ready.


    The second piece is developing a Sales Ready mindset. Your results are the effect of how you think and feel. The best strategy and tactics in the world can’t overcome a mind that is in resistance. So, we need to make sure your mind is also Sales Ready.


    The final piece ties it all together with ongoing Daily Selling Support to create a Force Multiplier, take work off your plate, and put more cash in your pocket… now!



    Our offer is pretty simple: Working together to achieve your result includes 3 things:

    • One-on-One Coaching. You get one-on-one attention and unlimited support in between sessions.

    • The SRO Build. We’ll start with the SRO Assessment, Roadmap, and project setup, plus project-based consulting work.

    • Daily Selling Support. This helps you create sales consistently without wasting time.




    This is something we are very good at, and our reputation precedes us. With that being said, we are committed to helping you get the results you want. We’ll continue to work together at our cost until you realize a 5x return on your investment.


    "Christopher provides a valuable service for innovative businesses looking to grow and achieve their goals. He opened new business relationships and developed strategic connections with companies that will become long-term partners.”

    -David Weiner, Founder, OMH Solutions


    “Christopher polished my sales process and marketing materials, creating a strategy that is much more effective and profitable for my firm! When I’m stuck, he is the sales expert I turn to for his invaluable perspective and expertise. Christopher is worth his weight in gold.”

    -Micah Feldkamp, Founder, ZeroClick


    Are you ready to unlock your potential and make more sales?


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