• Build and Enable Your Sales Team to


    Make Sales Every Day

    Inconsistent and difficult sales?

    Lack of revenue growth?

    Never have “enough” money?

    Confused about where to turn next?

    Through hands-on consulting and coaching, I help agency CEOs build highly successful sales teams, increase revenue, find the right clients, and reduce risk in their sales efforts.


    The first step for any new client is my 4-Week Deep Dive & Revenue Roadmap.

    4-Week Deep Dive & Revenue Roadmap

    With the current state of the world, CEOs and leaders navigating the uncertainty have more stress and important decisions to make than ever before.


    Positive cash flow and revenue growth have to be #1 priorities right now.


    Business as usual won't work, old value propositions are useless, and the most important thing is, as it always was, understanding your customer's perspective.


    We will work with you step by step to show you where you can eliminate low ROI activities and expenses and repurpose your resources to optimize your sales team and create more sales.


    The primary goal is to set up your organization immediately and accelerate revenue growth over the next 30 - 60 days, if not sooner. We end the Deep Dive with a Revenue Roadmap to execute that’s tailored to your business and can be implemented with or without our help.


    At the end of the 4-week Deep Dive & Revenue Roadmap, you’ll have clarity and confidence on:

    • What’s working, what’s missing, and what needs improvement in your sales organization.

    • What’s required to build and support a sales team that meets your revenue goals.

    • The strategies and technologies needed to increase sales effectiveness.

    • The Sales Success Mindset and path towards growing your business the way you want.

    • A Revenue Roadmap outlining the steps that will increase your sales very quickly.

    Who It’s For

    The 4-Week Deep Dive & Revenue Roadmap is made especially for B2B business owners, CEOs, and Sales Leaders who are confused about why their sales efforts aren’t working and need clarity on what to do now.


    You’re experiencing inconsistent revenue, not hitting your revenue goals, and are frustrated by a sales team that’s not producing. But you can’t quite put your finger on where things break down or how to improve them.

    What’s Included

    SRO Assessment — You’ll complete our “Sales Ready Organization” (SRO) Assessment to assess your company’s current sales People, sales Strategy, and sales Technology. These 33 questions and the benchmark score will give you clear insights into what’s working, what’s missing, what needs improvement, and how you compare with your peers.


    Half Day VIP Session — We’ll come together to analyze your SRO Assessment, external strategy and tactics, and the internal mindset impacting your sales effort. In this half-day session, we’ll:

    • Deep dive into your SRO Assessment to understand your current sales organization and opportunities.

    • Discuss what a Sales Ready Organization is, why it’s important, and how it sets your sales team up for success.

    • Coach on understanding how your current mindset and subconscious thought patterns affect your sales, opportunities, and actions.

    • Develop a strategy and revenue roadmap to build your Sales Ready Organization.

    • Determine where to focus your energies for immediate impact, i.e. changes you can make today to make more sales.

    • Dig in and understand your lead generation, appointment settings, sales conversations, sales workflows, CRM, calls with the sales team, financials, and mindset.

    2 Consulting/Coaching Sessions — 1 hour each - After your VIP Session, we will focus on SRO Mindset and SRO Strategy and Tactics. This is where we dig in and understand the work required to build the foundation for a successful sales team.


    4 Weeks of Support — You’ll have 4 weeks of email and Voxer voice text support as you work to improve your sales effort. Questions about your homework, strategy, tactics, or mindset challenges? Just hit me up.


    Wrap-up Session — At the end of the month, we’ll have a 45-minute check-in about how things went, what you implemented, what successes you enjoyed, and what you’re still struggling with. You’ll leave this meeting with clarity on the new current state and a plan for moving forward.