• Happy Founders & CEOs

  • My goal was to add more revenue to my business and put in place a better more systematic sales process that didn't waste my time. As a sharp consultant and masterful coach, Christopher helped me accomplish that and way more.


    Along with driving the Sales Ready Organization process and strategic thinking, he supported and challenged me to create clarity on what I want plus coached me on developing a powerful sales mindset.


    Not only were his strategies for doing sales as a Founder highly effective, the implementation work was well coordinated and completed quickly.


    The ROI has absolutely been there both financially and emotionally. He is on another level in comparison to the other options out there and I continue to have him in my corner when it comes to growing my business.


    -Bruce Eckfeldt, Founder & CEO, Eckfledt & Associates

  • Working with Christopher helped me unlock some things that had been holding me back from more growth and more sales as an agency founder. When I hired him to build our Sales Ready Organization, I thought I needed the "crunchy stuff"... the CRM Automations, workflow mapping, systems... and I got those, but the real value was him pinpointing my stopping strategies, my blind spots, so I could grow and level up my sales skills as a founder.


    -Austin Helton, Founder & CEO, Tally and Mass

    Christopher helped us level set in a crisis and gave me the foundation to do business development really well. He delivered at an exemplary level, resulting in tremendous growth for the agency and myself.


    -Bill Harper, Founder & CEO, wmHarper

    Coaching with Christopher has given me the freedom, time, and energy to get more done in a more balanced way. He provided a tremendous amount of value, and the shifts I've experienced in my mental game, my business, and even my life have been significant.


    -Justin Belleme, Founder & CEO, JB Media Group

    I absolutely trust Christopher Filipiak with our clients and prospects. His knowledge about sales strategy has opened several large accounts for us!


    -Chase Highley, Founder & CEO, Greenstone Media

  • Every time I talk to Christopher, I get better - as a business owner and as a person. Highly recommend!


    -Ada Ryland, Founder & CEO, Ada Ryland Consulting


    Christopher polished my sales process and marketing materials, creating a strategy that is much more effective and profitable for my firm! When I’m stuck, he is the sales expert I turn to for his invaluable perspective and expertise. Christopher is worth his weight in gold.


    -Micah Feldkamp, Founder & CEO, ZeroClick

    Christopher provides a valuable service for innovative businesses looking to grow and achieve their goals. He opened new business relationships and developed strategic connections with companies that will become long-term partners.


    -David Weiner, Founder & CEO, OMH Solutions

    Working with Christopher has changed my life and my business. Instead of showing up burnt out and exhausted to my day and sales calls, I'm thinking more deliberately and in tune with what is required to grow OMG. Having a Sales Ready mindset is creating a 100% change in how I think and approach sales. Christopher helped me speak my truth and held me accountable to achieving my goals.


    -Chris Brewer, Co-Founder & CRO, OMG Commerce

  • I trust Christopher to dig in and get the work done. He helped Craftpeak better understand our customers and developed a plan that resulted in 14 new clients. And, he helped me get clear on transforming my mindset and growing as a leader


    -John Kelley, Co-Founder & CEO, Craftpeak

    Christopher Filipiak made a very good connection for us with a Strategic Connection that has been easy to work with and no communication issues. He easily pulled both sides together.


    - Bill Ammons, SVP, HomeTrust Bank

    Christopher Filipiak made a great strategic connection, and the project delivered many new insights to our team. What stood out to me is that you are very insightful and talented at figuring out what people really want and need. You helped us understand what we don’t know and then made it specific in support of our goals. Then matching us with the right resources - this is where your real value lies.


    - Lisa Snedeker, Director of Marketing & Communications, Wake Forest University

    Christopher brought valuable strategic partners and innovative ideas to our business. His unique approach of 'connecting' complementary people, businesses, and ideas together makes a lot of sense in a saturated and increasingly disconnected marketplace.


    - Murphy Capps, Founder & CEO, Kudzu Brands

  • Chris Filipiak sales consultant and coach

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