• With a rocking sales team you’ll


    Always know when your next sale is coming

    Without the...

    • Fear and worry of reviewing the unpredictable revenue numbers every month.
    • Constant battle to find the next client just so you can make payroll.
    • Overwhelm and self-doubt of trying to build an effective sales team when you’re already juggling so many other responsibilities.
    • Uncertainty around what it will take to get the sales team to pick up the phone and make a sale. What are they even doing?

    Every day you don’t make a sale is a day you’re going out of business...

    I’m sure you’re tired of the client chase, the scattered sales “tactics,” and the less than efficient salespeople.


    And you probably don’t want to be the “Sales Team” yourself, carrying the weight of the inconsistent revenue on your shoulders when you are already maxed-out.


    A business should allow you to bring in your vision, creativity, purpose and fulfillment of what you desire in your life.


    But a business without consistent sales is just a stressful drain on your time and energy.

    Right now you’re focused on the wrong things and don’t even know it…

    Sure, you’re “doing things” to try to grow your business. You’re building a marketing funnel, working on your brand, podcasting, updating your website, attending webinars, posting on social, and trying to finish that online “Sales Training Program.”


    None of which results in creating more conversations with decision makers at your goldmine accounts.


    You’re trying to be safe, especially during this uncertain time… but safety is bad for business. True safety comes from moving forward and figuring out how to create sales every day.


    If you are not consistently adding new clients and your sales force is not executing at the highest level, then you’re not focused on the right things.

    What if instead of this daily struggle you could have daily sales?

    Just imagine what would be possible in your business and life if you had:

    • The relief of knowing how to get new clients at will.

    • A loving relationship to sales, instead of a contentious one.

    • Pride in a sales team that easily makes sales every day.

    • A well-oiled sales process that moves clients through each step quickly and easily.

    • Joy in growing your business smoothly.

    The solution may not be obvious, but it’s simple. You need a “systems” approach that blends the sales mindset, people, strategy, and technology required to consistently make sales everyday and achieve your desire.

    I help Agency CEOs build highly successful sales teams.

    I start by assessing the current sales process and team from an outside perspective to understand what is working, missing, and needs improvement.


    I look at the three areas of the sales organization: the sales People, sales Strategy, and sales Technology. Then I help you close any gaps and build a “Sales Ready Organization” capable of achieving your sales goals.


    I help my clients:

    • Increase revenue, create larger deals, and stabilize cash flow.

    • Attract more of the right clients, reducing risk in the sales effort.

    • Hire their first salesperson and/or build a successful team that makes sales every day.

    • Help the existing sales team execute perfectly at the highest level.

    • Allow the CEO to focus on leading the company and stop doing sales.

    • Develop an elite sales mindset full of love, authenticity, and truth.

    With a lifetime of sales experience, an MBA, and a background in systems thinking, I understand deeply why a sales effort succeeds or fails, and have developed a method for creating sales quickly. I would love to share it with you!


    Q: Can’t I just hire a “rockstar” salesperson to solve my sales problems?


    A: Yes, if you can find one, go for it. Most of the “clutch” and “rockstar” sales people are already taken. Even if you find one, that doesn’t guarantee success and sales every day. If your system and mindset aren’t right, they are going to struggle and eventually leave. You need the right person in the right system. And you have to have the right mindset because ultimately you are responsible for sales.


    Q: I’ve tried hiring salespeople and done sales training before — they haven’t worked. How are you any different?


    A: This is a common problem I hear from CEOs daily and it happens because of ignorance around what a successful sales organization looks like. It didn’t work because part of the system was missing or broken. I can help you identify those pieces and improve them so you have a system and team that truly works.


    Q: I don’t have time to build all these systems and train my salespeople. Won’t this just add more work to my plate?


    A: That’s why I’m here to help. I’ll come in and get us laser focused on what actually needs to happen so you’re not wasting time trying random things. It won’t necessarily add to your plate because the stress and chaos of dealing with inconsistent cash flow is more work, struggle, and difficulty than just figuring it out together.


    Q: What kind of companies do you work with?


    A: I work with business owners, CEOs, and Sales Leaders at B2B Agencies primarily Sales & Marketing related, that are struggling to grow sales themselves and who are working with a sales team that isn’t meeting expectations.