• Real Growth in Real Time: A CEO Sanctuary for Life and Work



    You and the work you do matter and we’re glad you’re here.


    For two hours each month, we’ve created a collaborative and nourishing space just for CEOs to solve, create, and grow in both life and work — in real time. Limited to just a small group of CEOs per workshop, this is a sanctuary for working together, connecting with peers and unwinding.


    Date & Time


    6/26/2024 - 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET


    How it works and what to expect: 


    ✨ After you register, we’ll send you a confidentiality agreement so the space is safe and has clear “rules of engagement.”


    ✨Before the workshop, you can submit an idea, problem, challenge, goal, project, to-do list item, or aspiration from either your life or business.


    ✨At the workshop, the group picks a thing to work on. Then we’ll all workshop it, creating something tangible to take away. There’s no homework, just dedicated time to help each other move forward with what you're already working on.


    ✨We ask that you prioritize yourself for this time. Leave everything else at the door, including cell phones, Slack, DMs, kids, etc.


    ✨Be prepared with your favorite snacks, water, and something to write on.


    ✨We understand you have constant demands on your time, so we promise not to waste it. This is a chance to focus on what you really want to achieve in life and work, and we're here to support you in that. We hope that this becomes an enjoyable and productive practice.


    ✨We're so committed to help you live the life you desire that we offer this at no cost to you — it's all covered.


    Reach out if you have any questions: (828) 747-7855 or christopher@christopherfilipiak.com


    It’s Time. Let’s Go!


    Christopher Filipiak

    CEO & Founder

    Christopher Filipiak LLC