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"The Connector" - Connection

· Video - The Office

We are born to love, to create, and connect!

Current workforce trends seem to indicate that connection is key to growing revenue and finding new customers. Here in the USA, there are 62 million freelancers. In the coming years the majority, over 50%, of the workforce will be freelancers - nearly 90 million freelancers! This trend is incredible and means that people are showing up to offer their unique talents and gifts. And we need them. The challenges and opportunities around increasing revenue and finding new customers are more significant than ever.

I see a trend where everything is becoming more and more specialized. And for those companies that take advantage of this trend and figure out how to set up sweet connections and collaborations, they will position themselves to be successful leaders in their market.

In my last video, I chatted about six things that are needed to increase sales and find new customers. Overnight I was thinking more about this and realized that once you identify what's missing, then you need help to quickly knock out the work and fill in those missing pieces. And the sooner you can find the right connection the sooner you will unlock and receive what you want. So it's seven things, and the last one is - Connection.

Thanks for checking out my video and if you want to talk about enhancing your revenue strategy with the right connections I'm available. Keep rocking!